A Message to our 4Pillar Families,

I hope you’re all doing well and enjoying some special family time together in light of the strange times we are all still facing! 

As we take things each day at a time, plans for re-opening the centre have changed. I was hoping to re-open for May 1 – however, as none of the pandemic conditions have lifted, it looks like we may be remaining closed until at least May 15. That being said, I’m hoping to take a tally of how many families we have that would utilize the care if we do open by May 15. 

If a large majority of our families are still wishing to keep their children home and attendance is low, it is also possible that we may open on a revised, limited weekly schedule. This would also help us determine staffing, as some of them also have their own children to care for, too. 

We are asking that the families we currently care for, and are requiring care, please text or call me directly: 604-414-5757.

It is a complicated thing, balancing the needs and safety of everyone involved, but I am wanting to do what I can to help the families who rely on 4Pillar. I miss you and your littles so much! And I – and the staff – cannot wait to resume teaching and caring for them all! 

In the meantime, I’m hoping to start a Busy Bags program for your children: a weekly bag full of fun activities that you can drive-by and pick up and take home. These bags would be yours to keep. Curated by us at 4Pillar, with love. I’ll let anyone interested know when they are available for pick-up. 

Please everyone, take care. If I can help you in any way, please let me know.