Welcome to 4Pillar!

Dear Parents/Guardians/Caregivers,

Welcome to 4Pillar Early Learning Centre! Serving the Qathet Regional district (Powell River) and surrounding areas.

Our philosophy at 4Pillar believe in creating a safe, welcoming, and open space where children can explore, play, and create. Since we are an early learning centre we believe in education through exploration, building on a child’s experience to foster adaptability, flexibility, and a keen interest to learn. We believe in inclusivity, and are open to all families, regardless of race, nationality, or faith.

 You might have asked yourself what is a good childcare program?

  • It is a home away from home. A warm, welcoming place with people who are dedicated to making a child feel comfortable leaving their parents
  • It is a place where your young child learns social skills that will enable him/her to get along with fellow human beings.
  • It is a place where a child can feel the joy of creativity in words music, movement, and various artistic media.


We believe in providing parents peace of mind while their child is away from home. We want parents, as much as children, to be excited to bring their kids to 4Pillar. All parents are part of the 4Pillar Family.

As a childcare provider, our goals include:

  • Meeting the child’s needs in a childcare capacity
  • Meeting the parent’s needs for childcare
  • Promoting positive social skills including cooperation, responsibility, respect and communication in a safe and fun environment
  • Providing community support to Powell River families

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out. Our staff are happy to chat, and one-on-one meetings can be arranged quickly and easily. We welcome inquiries and discussions, and parents have free access to all areas used by their children.

Thank you for choosing us as your trusted childcare providers.

What We Offer:

Group Care (ages 30m-5yrs)

For children who are not yet in school

About Us:

Roxanne Penner

Executive Director of 4Pillar Early Learning Centre

I have over 40 years experience as an Early Childhood Educator with a passion for helping families in need. My experience working with the Ministry of Families and Children, fostering and helping families access the childcare services they need inspired me to open my own childcare facility in 2016.

4Pillar Early Learning Centre is a warm, welcoming, inclusive environment built on a foundation of play. Each child is encouraged to explore their own abilities, discover new skills, and make new friends. These childhood building blocks help our young ones grow up strong, brave and happy.

I’m always happy to chat to discuss childcare options, or assist families in finding the services they may need. Please reach out.

Celebrate PLAY!

The Power of Play:

PLAYING is a child’s right

PLAYING is inclusive

PLAYING supports physical and emotional health and wellbeing

PLAYING supports respect and appreciation of the natural environment

PLAYING promotes development and learning

PLAYING helps your child make new friends

Learn more about 4Pillar’s policies and procedures by downloading our Family Handbook.